Saturday, January 25, 2014

JoJo and Julia

Hi All,
The sun was shining but the seas were still up. We found the pod by Seven Stars first thing in the morning. JoJo and perhaps Raggedy Ann started toward the boat. Just as I was trying to get my GoPro situated on my wrist, they dove deep. We lost them for quite awhile in the big waves. Later we found JoJo and Julia. I would guess that Frisky and Raggedy Ann were off somewhere else. More than likely, JoJo was escorting Julia so she could fish while Raggedy Ann was babysitting Frisky.
JoJo tried numerous times to bring me to Julia who wanted no part of it! She was intent on fishing without any distractions from a slow human! We lost sight of them then found them numerous times during the morning. Eventually we decided to try outside the reef to see if the waves were boatable for Catch Ride.
We traveled up toward Pine Cay. As we went, the waves got rougher.  Just as we were hoping to turn in at the Parrot Cay Cut we saw a spout! It was a humpback whale. We stayed for awhile but it was too rough for John to get in. When we got to the Pine Cay cut the rollers were coming in through the cut were huge! We decided to go back to Leeward where the waves coming in weren't quite as huge.
In these video clips you'll see JoJo waiting for me then swimming off to catch up to Julia. In the second clip, you'll see JoJo having a snack (crater fishing) as he follow Julia.  She is way to the right and you can occasionally see her off to the side.

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