Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Great Send Off

Hi All,
The past few days we either didn't see JoJo or I didn't have much interaction with him when I did. The last time we saw, JoJo he was with another dolphin and didn't seem to want me with them. My theory is that it was RA and she was depressed from loosing her calf and needed cheering up from JoJo without a slow human tagging along.
Today, JoJo came right over to the boat to bring me to the others. I had a few short swims because another boat kept putting swimmers in the water. Every time they did, the dolphins sped up and I'd loose them. Whizzer still got in a few "drive-bys". As we made our way toward Pine Cay, the boats finally stopped. As we got opposite The Meridian Club which is at the end of the island, I got in again. The water was very murky as it always is there. I got a long swim with all four dolphins. Our usual formation is Ra, Bo with Whizzer swimming  under her belly and me by her side. JoJo usually is behind or off to the side. JoJo occasionally helped redirect me if I couldn't see where everyone was! I swam with them from The Meridian Club to the beginning of Fort George where the waves got the better of me. It was a great send off.
video https://vimeo.com/150300186

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