Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Scooter Replacement

Hi All,
The first full day on island, it rained all morning and we only got out for a few hours in the afternoon. But, what an amazing few hours they were! I said to John I had more interesting things happen with the dolphins in that one afternoon than most people have in a lifetime. I published a blog about it the past Sunday with the video about Dolphin Love. I figured I didn't think I'd need my usual two water scooters and two cameras so I only took one of each. How wrong I was! I swam with the dolphins for so long I completely exhausted the battery on the scooter and almost killed the batteries in the camera.  ( I also lost a brand new flipper!). When the scooter died, John thought I should try being towed behind the boat to see if I could keep up with the dolphins and to see if they would stay near me. Because my camera is in mask, I have to turn my head to get video of the dolphins that are traveling at my side. This I have to do without having water come in my mask or pushing it off as I'm getting towed through the water. Managed to do it all and the results are below.
The first video is really short showing JoJo looking at me as I start getting pulled through the water. He joined right in beside me.  https://vimeo.com/148930345
The second video shows Whizzer coming up then going off with the others as they travel along to my right. Toward the end, Whizzer came to visit again. At the very end look closely and you will see a nurse shark close to the bottom.  https://vimeo.com/149000574
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  1. This scooter alternate video footage is incredible I love dolphins and orca but not sure how comfortable I would be swimming with them