Monday, December 14, 2015

Whizzer and his Many Sitters

Hi All,
The sun finally came out. For the first time since we arrived, we weren't racing back to the marina to beat the rain, thunder and lightening, (or not!). With the good weather comes the tour boats. We still got some quality "alone time" with the dolphins in between visits by various boats. One captain who I'd never seen before tried to tell John it wasn't JoJo. Made me laugh!
We found JoJo and Raggedy Ann with Whizzer right outside of Ocean Club. Raggedy Ann was fishing and Whizzer was copying her. She nosed around some seaweed, he nosed around some  seaweed. She checked out some branching coral, he followed suit. They were moving pretty swiftly and I only got the chance to catch up when she dove down to hunt or crater fish. A tour boat came by and I lost sight of everyone. Then JoJo showed up and I got to spend some time with him. He was milling around not really going anywhere but sonaring a lot. I can always tell when he sonars because he swings his head from side to side. I figured he was trying to locate Whizzer and sure enough, Bo and Whizzer showed up. At that point, JoJo and Bo left and I got to hang with Whizzer who kept darting around giving me his signature whistle. (I think I was relegated to baby sitting!) When I made this video clip I didn't put it to music so you could hear his whistle. Every time you see bubbles come out his blow hole he is whistling. When a dolphin gives a signature whistle, (a whistle that is very distinct and one used by that dolphin only) it is said to be their name. Toward the end of the clip, Bo must have called him because he pumps his tail and goes like the wind without returning. please cut and paste! JoJo RA and Whizzer Whizzer leap please cut and paste Whizzer giving signature whistle

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