Monday, December 21, 2015

He's back

Hi All,
The wind has come up on Provo making boating a challenge. We hadn't seen JoJo since the 14th and it always makes me anxious not seeing him for a long time.  If I have people come down to meet JoJo, I usually tell them to allow five days and I'm pretty sure we will find him.
We found JoJo swimming in the opposite direction close to the shore near Half Moon Beach on Pine Cay. We turned around to accommodate his desire to go toward Grace Bay. JoJo got behind our boat and stayed there for almost 40 minutes until we got Smith's Reef at the mouth of Turtle Cove. He branched off to fish. Funnily enough the day before John and I had been snorkeling there. As we had returned to the boat after swimming with a big eagle ray and lots of other reef fish, I had been wondering why I don't see the dolphins fish in the reefs more often.  Seems to me it would be like having a buffet! I know they like Bar Jacks and there are plenty of them as well as countless others. We couldn't go into the reef because of the many reef heads close to the surface. We tried to monitor JoJo's location but the wind and waves made it very difficult. Ultimately, we decided to move to the North end of the reef and wait for him. Unfortunately, we never found him again. It was a short visit but I was very glad to see him and know that he seemed to be fine.

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