Friday, December 11, 2015

Sad Confirmation

Hi All,
I am back on Island after a trip home to take care of my horse business. I've had this news since Thanksgiving Day but couldn't face opening up the pictures. I mentioned last summer that the two ladies were both looking very pregnant. When I got here in November, I met Whizzer who I've seen with both moms together and one at a time. I was so hoping to meet the other calf but feared the worst as time went on.
Thanksgiving Day I was invited to a feast at a good friend's house where I met a boat captain from Beaches. We started talking about JoJo and he said JoJo got rough with him when he swam with him. It made him a bit nervous seeing JoJo is 7 feet and so strong. He no longer tries to swim with him. JoJo by the way has never displayed any of this behavior toward me. He then mentioned that he had  seen two dolphins with a dead calf. They were of course the two ladies, Bo and Raggedy Ann. I have read that dolphins will keep their dead calves up on their rostrums (noses) for up to three days with hopes that they will live. It is normal that when a calf is born that the mother or aunt will help it up to get its first breath. I imagine this was a still born calf. He said the bigger dolphin came and rammed the boat when they got close. She was of course trying to keep them away. I imagine that was Raggedy Ann since she's by far the larger of the two dolphins. This truly makes my heart break for the mom who lost her calf. If anyone didn't think animals have empathy, this will certainly change their mind.
I am now trying to figure out whether Whizzer is nursing from both moms or just his. They would both have milk at the same time. I haven't seen him take milk from either so far. He did nuzzle Bo when all three were all together.
I have included some pics of the mom holding her dead calf up on her rostrum and the other lady staying right with her. These photos are courtesy of Rick the boat captain.
On a happier note Jill my good friend said she saw JoJo yesterday. I hope to find him and of course Whizzer today.

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