Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Bo JoJo and Snipper having Breakfast

Hi All, We met up with the pod as they were entertaining a tour boat before Coral House. The water was murky as you will see. I don't usually explain who is who. In case you have a hard time figuing it out here goes! Bo, the female has a very smooth fluke. Her skin is smooth with only two slight blemishes. She is the one I'm following as she goes along sonaring to crater fish. JoJo has many scars from propellor cuts. His skin almost looks pock marked. His dorsal has a notch in it, making it easy to spot from a boat as well as in the water. At the beginning of the video he has the whitest end of his rostrum (nose). If you look closely there is a spot where he cut it on something when he was crater fishing. He is coming right to me. When I'm slightly behind him you can see how ragged his fluke is. Snipper of course is the dolphin with the dorsal that is cut off at the top. I suspect that would also be a boat propellor injury. Snipper is always stroking Bo or playing flipper footsie. Snipper usually stays farthur from me.

JoJo ,Bo and Snipper travel Down the Coast from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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