Thursday, December 28, 2017

Eventful day with JoJo,Bo and Snipper

Hi All, We spot a tour boat acting dolphin like and pull up. There are the three dolphins. The water is beautiful and I get in. The dolphins are friendly and want me to swim with them. Yesterday, they only wanted to greet and bring me along for a short time, then they were off! Lots of tour boats start coming up. JoJo visits some while Bo and Snipper swim around happily playing flipper footsie and stroking each other. A big catamaran yacht pulls up and a lady plops down in the water. She comes over to where I am swimming with Bo and Snipper. Bo surfaces and swims around her then raises her tail out of the water and brings it down hard making a loud slap. That is a clear warning to that lady to clear out! I hope the captain realizes the warning sign.

This is a Dolphin Warning! from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

We all move off away from that boat. The dolphins are now following me! JoJo follows me a lot but, this is the first time they all have followed me.How Fun! We continue along Grace Bay toward Grace Point. I have gotten back in the boat to warm up. The dolphins are heading inside the swim line in front of the resorts. Some people spot the THREE DOLPHINS swimming along near shore but most don't. JoJo starts heading toward a lady that was swimming her heart out, stroke, stroke breath, stroke, stroke breath, EEEEEEK big dolphin dead ahead!!!! John and our friend Tom are rolling with laughter. I'm sure JoJo was chuckling. I missed the whole thing following Bo!(rats)

JoJo,Bo and Snipper follow Me from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

They are now heading back toward Leeward. I'm nibbling on some chocolate when I notice Beluga, a pretty sailboat coming out of Leeward with Jack Russels bounding around on the deck. I ask John to pull up to see if the doggies swim with JoJo. They are now in full Jack Russell frenzy because they can hear the dolphins. Dog's and dolphin's hearing has a much larger range than ours. The Captain says yes they swim with JoJo. I ask if I can join them. In go the doggies! They are swimming all around their cute little legs pumping to beat the band. Bo and JoJo are interested and looking up. Snipper has left the scene. Now there are people off the boat. Yikes! What a scene! What a fun ending to the day!

Jack Russells,JoJo and Bo from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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