Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Spending Xmas Day with JoJo,Bo and Snipper

Hi All, The water is pretty much perfect for finding dolphins and we do! I get to spend most of my Xmas day in the company of JoJo, Bo and Snipper. I hope Whizzer has found some company on Xmas because he wasn't with us. I'm sure,knowing Whizzer, he's having fun somewhere. We find the dolphins at the end of Pine Cay. When I get in it takes me awhile to determine whether it's Bo or Whizzer because of the murky water. Bo has a slight blemish on her right side in front of her dorsal. It's easier to see that than wait for her to flip over! Many boats come by to visit. Most of them are respectful and don't crowd the dolphins or run over me! One boat captain put in many swimmers which certainly disrupted my once lovely Xmas swim with the dolphins. After swimming off the dolphins settled down and came back to our boat. I got back in and resumed our Xmas morning swim. Bo at one point seemed bothered by something. She was opening and closing her mouth and twirling as if to stretch. She then threw up some fish that must have been bothering her. You can see what looks like bubbles streaming toward me. Actually it was fish remains. The water was very clear as we got closer to Leeward and I got some nice footage. We left them at Leeward to join some human friends for a Xmas feast.

Bo, Snipper,JoJo and I spend Xmas Day Together from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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