Friday, December 22, 2017

JoJo Whizzer and Snipper

Hi All, The wind has come up today making it a bit wavy on the water. As we are searching for dorsals we see a boat stopped in Leeward Channel. That is a sure sign of a dolphin encounter. JoJo is entertaining boat after boat as he swims from one to the other. We try giving him a ride but he wants to stay in that area. I figure there are other dolphins around. Soon I see two more dorsals heading to JoJo. Whizzer and Snipper have joined up. Now's my chance to get in. They greet me then continue on their way. JoJo heads in another direction and I decide to follow after Whizzer and Snipper. I get left behind and Whizzer and Snipper turn around and wait! Whizzer makes his signature whistle as I'm calling to him! They both seem to like it when I call to them. Whizzer crosses over Snipper and heads off to fish. Snipper and I head off alone! This is a first. Perhaps I have a new friend. When we return to the marina, Mark my friend who has a water skiing operation tells me he saw the dolphins earlier in the day and they all got in his wake. Apparently some people got in the water to try to swim with them but the dolphins weren't interested. They did however do a lot of surfing and one did a huge leap in the wake.

Snipper Swims with me from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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