Sunday, December 24, 2017

Bo Returns with JoJo

Hi All, After watching the osprey bring a nice big fish to his mate we head out of Leeward. I see a dorsal right at the opening of the channel and it's heading right to our boat! I quickly get in thinking Whizzer is coming over. The dolphin swims around me and JoJo comes over to join us. I'm saying "WHIIIZZER" because he seems to like it. The dolphin starts flipping over and there are two mammalliry slits! Hello, a female! Bo is the only female I know that would be that happy to see me! She is beautiful with nothing but a small blemish below her dorsal on her left side. I am honored that she is giving me such a nice greeting! It's very murky but she lets me stay with her for quite awhile. JoJo goes off on his own and she does a little crater fishing. Eventually Bo and JoJo join up and head toward Grace Point. They swim side by side at a fairly good clip. They are mature dolphins and aren't playing around and stroking each other. I have known Bo for a number of years. She is Whizzer's and Lemon Lips' Mom. I think they are very friendly with me because she wanted them to be. JoJo isn't interested in entertaining the tour boats. Every time one comes by both dolphins sink down and wait until they go by before coming up to breath. Most of the captains know if we are stopped or moving very slowly, there are dolphins around. A few come by to check things out but the dolphins aren't interested. I get a few more opportunitis to swims with both of them as we head back to Leeward. The water gets very murky and both dolphins head to the boat. That is my cue to get in. At first I can't see them it's so murky but JoJo comes up close and we are swimming along. Bo who really wanted to be in on it comes shooting out of nowhere and swims between JoJo and me. Perhaps JoJo and Bo will meet up with Snipper and Whizzer tomorrow. That would be a great Xmas get together for all!

Bo!!! Back With JoJo from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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