Thursday, July 29, 2021

Day Three Discovery Channel

Hi All, The plan is to leave the dock at 7 AM but, it never seems to go that way. There is so much equipment to load onto both our boats and people to get organized. In the mean time, a boat captain coming into the marina for fuel calls to us that he saw JoJo. This is making me nuts to get going. We finally start our circle of Grace Bay not sure which way he was going. After going past all the resorts and turning around and returning to Leeward, we see two boats acting suspicious. There he is behind a dingy attached to a brand new sail boat from the RItz Carlton, the "Lady Grace". John skillfully manuvers us by the dingy and JoJo comes right into our wake. He is heading toward Pine Cay. He stays behind Spy Hop all the way past Pine Cay, Fort George Cay and Parrot Cay. The Discovery crew sets out a drone to catch the scene. A laughing gull is intrigued by this new sort of bird! He swoops in for some close inspection. The water gets very shallow as we travel along Parrot Cay and we decide to turn around. I was quite sure JoJo would stay with us and he did. The Discovery crew started telling us to stop and see if he'd swim with us but I didn't want to do that because I knew he wasn't ready to slow down and swim with me. They had taken the camera men off our boat for the drone shots and they stayed on Matt's boat. We kept going with JoJo and they went off toward the reef to cool off with a swim. Once we got to Leeward JoJo branched off. I knew this was my chance. I got in while John frantically tried to get the other boat to come back. I swam over to JoJo and he came right up. He swam next to me looking at me as if to say, "where have you been I've missed you". I am babbling like a nut telling him how much I love him and missed him. I'm trying not to use my flippers because we are so close I dont want to kick him. He drops back and swims right behind me. I'm in heaven. The other boat has caught up and I figure they must have gotten some great footage of my reunion with JoJo after so long. If not my camera will have it. Not to be, they wasn't there in enough time to get their fancy cameras set up and mine didn't work. Big Bummer but I am so so happy to have that swim with my friend. I didn't think about my cancer, dialysis or of what I've been going through for even a second. Perhaps we will get footage tomorrow but, I got what I really wanted which was to be with JoJo.

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