Friday, July 30, 2021

Day Four with Discovery Channel

Hi All, The Discovery Channel has arranged for us to get covid tests for our trip home. The testers come right to our condo. Other than feeling like I have a third nostril that was pretty sweet! I'm not feeling quite as good as the other mornings. I think the late night dialysis is taking it's toll. Perhaps a dolphin encounter will help. We get on the water a bit later due to covid test. It's a bit blustery today but still really nice. As we come out of Leeward, there are a few boats milling around. There is Bo and Scooter entertaining them. I get in and swim with them for a long, long, time. Scooter has gotten so long she's almost as big as Bo. She's frisky as ever swimming all around me. Her favorite is to let me swim by Bo then whiz up really close beside me, a sort of sneak appearence. Matt, Discovery's under water camera man is able to get in and get footage of Bo, Scooter and me. This is Bo's fourth calf that I have swum with. She's the first one that is fine with other people swimming with her. I expect JoJo wanted that to happen. In the video you can hear her whistling a lot until the music comes on.
I get back on Spy Hop tired but pumped to see my friends after over a year. Pretty soon we see that JoJo is in Sea Dancer's wake. They are heading toward Half Moon Beach where the tour boats bring passengers for lunch. It's a spectacular long beach over looking the gorgeous turquiose water. There are about 15 boats lined up with tourists piling out to walk the beach. JoJo leaves Sea Dancer and heads out toward us. I get in to swim with him. Matt gets in as well to get footage of us together. I hope for that great greeting I got the other day. I think really that was a, "I haven't seen you for a long time and I'm glad it's you"
. I did get some video this time and you can see the remorra hitching a ride back by JoJo's fluke.
By this time I am really tired and having a hard time climbing onto the boat. We leave JoJo with Matt's boat and head in. I really hate leaving him when he's in such a playful mood but I'm hoping to recharge and come out tomorrow.

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