Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Breakfast With JoJo

Hi All,
JoJo graciously takes me along with him as he has a few fish snacks for breakfast. I'm watching him swing his head back and forth as he echo locates than dives down to grab his prey. Now he wants to get going so, he heads toward Turtle Cove. I get back into the boat to accommodate his wish and he rides the wake. No one here, so back we go all the way to the end of Pine Cay searching, searching where are my friends?
We lose him and motor off to the marina for gas figuring he'll be somewhere around Pine Cay when we get back. Yes! There he is and we see a little dolphin near him. I'm sure that's what he's been looking for. I get in with JoJo and he tries to take me to the calf but I'm too slow. We wait. There seems to be a flurry of activity and we see more shapes in the water. A big dolphin surfaces making a fishing dive. We can't make out how many there are. I get in.  As I get to the dolphins, one is hanging vertically in the water trying to get at something in a crevice between some rocks. JoJo is right there watching. He comes behind me and as I get closer I see the familiar fluke of Raggedy Ann. Exhilaration, mostly happy for JoJo that his best friend (wife?) is back. Now to find out if the calf is hers.


  1. This is probably some of your best footage of him. Just lovely. . . Thank You as always for posting and allowing us into your world with him!