Monday, December 15, 2014

JoJo Leads Me into New Territory

Hi All,
The weather hasn't been its usual sunny self. There seems to be a front stalled over Turks and Caicos making it cloudy and windy with high seas.
I'm dressed for adventure in my wet suit and eager to find JoJo despite the cold. As we head toward Grace Point, an "Island Vibes" boat is picking up people from their resort. The captain is waving us over.  He tells us JoJo was in Turtle Cove when he left the Marina. Off we go. John and I are both remembering the days when we would not only be getting soaked but bounced all over in Catch Ride.
We head into the Marina looking for JoJo's dorsal but see no sign of him. We head back hoping he went toward Grace Bay. He did!
He pops up in front of our bow at Coral House, flips over on his back and glides under Spy Hop. We figure we are off to the end of Pine Cay. We are wrong! He branches at the Leeward Cut and heads into the channel. Not just into the channel, but through the docks where the mega yachts are tied up. I am in the water following along past all these enormous boats. People are peering down from the decks to see what the heck is going on! JoJo checks a few out as he goes by then vanishes under the dock. I'm not swimming under that dock even to follow my buddy!! John brings Spy Hop, which now looks like a toy boat amongst all these mega yachts, into the docking area to pick me up. The question is which way did he go??? I think maybe he went through the Marina and out to the South Side. This would be only the second time we have followed him through Leeward in all the 15 years I've known him.
We find him he is right opposite the conch farm in very shallow water. They actually grow conchs in this fenced off area. It looks like a field of round pens!! It's a good thing too because the conchs are dwindling from over harvesting. Many places in the Caribbean and Florida have protected the Queen Conch. Turks and Caicos still thinks there is an unlimited supply.
I get in the water to find JoJo chasing two juvenile nurse sharks. They really are cute when they are little. He's darting around, too fast for me to follow so I climb back in Spy Hop. He now wants to catch a ride. We take him way out past the wreck in the direction of South Caicos. He then branches off and is gone. I'm looking and hoping to see the two boys from the other day. I'm sure he's out here looking for them. I hope he finds them.
JoJo taking through the yachts 

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