Monday, December 22, 2014

JoJo and Raggedy Ann

Hi All -
The wind that was supposed to come up yesterday is here today. After doing our usual dolphin circle, we are thinking about going back early to get caught up on life when we see a tour boat circling in a dolphin-sighting like way. I see a dorsal to the right of the boat and notice everyone staring off to the left. So JoJo's entertaining the crowd and his friend is off fishing. I get in and there's a dolphin flying along the bottom in hot pursuit of a fish. She comes up and looks right at me then lets me follow close behind. Her fluke has the familiar snip out of it so I know it's Raggedy Ann. I am feeling quite warm and fuzzy that she seems to want me there. She speeds up to continue her quest for fish when I notice another dolphin right behind me. That of course is JoJo. They join up and even over the noise of my scooter I can hear loud whistling. Hmm what's that about? I get back into Spy Hop and we watch them separate to do more fishing. Soon we are opposite the Leeward Cut. Up pops another dorsal. It appears to be a young frisky dolphin that is totally uninterested in swimming with me! I'm hoping JoJo will come make an introduction but they never get together. I'm not sure if the whistling was for the other dolphin and if so why didn't they get together? If I could only ask!

I'm including some video from the other day that has beautiful Bo cruising along the bottom on her side while she echolocates a tasty morsel.

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  1. sounds to me that they where whistling with joy!