Monday, December 29, 2014

Making Sure I'm There

Hi All,
                                             Humphrey as I call him frequents Ocean Club.

We are down to our the days of December and the last days of this trip. I so want to see if any of the dolphins I know have had a calf. I keep hearing that others have seen JoJo with a mother and calf but we haven't. John slows down to look at another boat to see if they have a dolphin around when PFFFF I hear JoJo right beside the Spy Hop. He must have been coming to find us! We once again spend the day taking JoJo up and down the coast. He occasionally stops to see if any other dolphins are around or to entertain a tour boat. There was no pay off. We didn't find others (YET). I included a shortened video from two days ago when he scratched on the anchor line and then took me with him toward the reef. He's looking back at me as if to be sure I was coming along.

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