Saturday, December 27, 2014

JoJo Having the Best Anchor Line Scratch

Hi All,
How lucky are we! There's JoJo behind White Sands a big World Cat catamaran motor boat. We had just been hiding back in the channels to escape a rain storm and decided to come out onto Grace bay. JoJo stays in their huge wake all the way to the beach on Pine Cay where they pull in and anchor. JoJo stays around briefly but perhaps due to the many people trying to swim with him he moves off toward Pine Cay. We pick him up and our day is back to taking him where ever he wants. I feel he's really, really wanting to find some friends as he takes us up and down the coast occasionally branching to call and see any one's around.  On our second trip to Pine Cay he branches and swims around in the same area but doesn't want to take a ride This Is My Moment!! Besides wanting to scratch all over his body including the very tip of his fluke (tail) he has an awesome melon(head) scratch. In between sessions of screeching he swims around Spy Hop then back to the anchor line. At the very end of this wonderful scratch he heads slowly out toward the reef after coming really close and looking at me. Was he saying none of my friends are here you'll have to do? Or maybe, want to come to the reef? Anyway I am honored as always to go with him.
This is a long clip I had a hard time cutting anything out! The part where he comes to look at me had a bubble on the screen but maybe tomorrow I'll attach some of it anyway.

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  1. So cute, he looks so happy. I wonder if all the scratching on the line tickles!