Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Panto

Hi All,
Turks and Caicos has a very active performing arts community. One of their events is the pantomime. The pantomime is based on old English vaudeville theatre. This year A Caribbean "Sleeping Beauty" was the production. It was hilarious,witty and dazzling! There is much audience participation with clapping, booing, singing and cheering. There are plenty of digs no one came out unscathed including local personalities, businesses and of course the government! Although it's a stage production, there was video section in the middle. This portion had the three good fairies in outrageous costumes hurtling through town on a lime green rent a buggy with Muddles the court jester and Nanny Antonella the gay nanny all hanging out as they went chasing down clues trying to find where the prince and JoJo were in jail! This was truly hilarious as a camera filmed them going in and out of places hunting down clues.
To my great enjoyment, they got in a lot of digs at the captive dolphin program that the government is trying to start. When the evil Malificent takes JoJo to jail, there is thunderous boos and jeers from the audience. JoJo was in evidence through out the production either dancing to the music or in jail. He is truly a beloved dolphin in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

To catch you up on what JoJo is up to! He was traveling with two others and again tried to bring me to them but I was too slow. This is a short clip of JoJo in front of Seven Stars.

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