Friday, December 26, 2014

Xmas With JoJo

Hi All,
Beautiful, beautiful day here in Turks and Caicos only made better by hearing it's pouring and nasty at home in New England. We haven't seen JoJo in two days although I hear he was in front of The Sands resort with a calf. I am dying to meet the calf and see if I know the mom. I'm perched on the bow watching the water like a hawk when John says, "Come back here". I'm thinking really? Take my eyes off the water just when we are opposite The Sands where people saw him? I turn back to the stern and there's JoJo in our wake!! He snuck up on us! He usually comes to the front, flips over on his back, scares me half to death, glides under the boat and resurfaces in our wake. In 15 years we have never hit him but it still gives me a fright! Off we go up and down the coast, Turtle Cove to Pine Cay then back. He branches off just beyond Seven Stars and swims right into the swim area. We are right in front of "flipper lady's" resort. Lady Tamara, the Seven Stars boat is sitting there with Santa aboard. I think they are waiting for passengers.  JoJo is circling their boat. I think he's going into sleep mode so I join him as he circles. From shore, I'm hearing "there's JoJo" and see people swimming madly out. I see Sheila (flipper lady) and tell her to come meet JoJo. The others never quite make it there. John's put down the anchor hoping to keep JoJo around our boat. JoJo enjoys a few trips up and down the line to scratch a few itches. Sheila gets to meet JoJo before he and I head off for a nice swim with a trip to the buoy. He likes to watch it as I kick it with my foot. As we are swimming along there are Hobies and crazy motor boats dragging various rubber sharks and other toys loaded with tourists. Under the water however, it's very peaceful with JoJo. I'm loving it other than worrying that I might get run over! JoJo wants to move on so, I climb back in and we pick up JoJo in our wake. Many more trips up and down the coast. By now all the boat captains (at least 15 of them) know he's in our wake. They start bringing their boats right beside us so their tourists can see the famous JoJo. I think that was JoJo's Xmas present to all.

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