Tuesday, November 24, 2015

French Cay

Hi All,
We get to the dock early, not wanting to miss a minute of this gorgeous day. As we are leaving Leeward, I see a dark shape coming under the boat. It is a big Eagle Ray. The water is so clear I can see the pretty pattern covering his body that helps distinguish him form a Southern Ray. On the other side of the boat I see two more smaller Eagle Rays that are flanking our boat. The sun is sparkling on the water, making it look like little stars dancing on the water. We travel up and down Grace Bay but don't see any dorsals. I decide it would be a perfect day to go to French Cay. We turn back through Leeward and head out across the Southside. French Cay is a very small island that is a bird sanctuary. To get there one must cross the South Bank which has very shallow water in most parts. It takes about an hour going full tilt boogie. Once you are totally out of sight of land you start to see a little shape forming on the horizon which is French Cay. The snorkeling is crystal clear around the island. If you travel past the island you leave the shallow bank and are quickly in vey deep water. I am hoping to see some cetaceans in the deep water, but we don't. We decide to travel another hour heading west which takes us to another nice place to snorkel outside of West Caicos.
It is now time to head back. John starts back, once again full tilt boogie as I keep looking for dorsals. I'm feeling lucky I've spent so much time with JoJo and his pod seeing there doesn't seem to be many dolphins around. John slows down abruptly. He has spotted a dorsal. I get in hoping to get interaction. The dolphin comes right up to take a look. You will see in the video that not only does he come up to look at me but, he does some very vigorous crater fishing!https://vimeo.com/user38911674/review/146750993/6573abf994

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