Monday, November 16, 2015


Hi All,
I don't have much to report on JoJo except he followed our boat yesterday from Leeward to Parrot Cay and back along Pine Cay where he branched off. It was very rough and deep where he left our boat. I didn't think I could see him so I didn't get in. He however  still had his mouth open when he swam near the boat before disappearing into the waves.

I wanted to share some footage, my friend David Stone took from our boat. We were following Whizzer and Bo, when Whizzer spy hopped way out of the water. He wanted to see who was in the boat! I think he wanted to know if I was there! David caught him whizzing over to the boat and going under it while I was trying to get my flippers on to join him. When you see me spinning around it is because Whizzer is circling under me like  whirling dervish.

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