Friday, November 13, 2015

Who is Whizzer's Mom??

Hi All,
I know you all are waiting to hear about JoJo. We found him with the help of Rock who is Captain of Sail Provo's big sailing catamaran. At the time, we had heard rumor of a pod outside the reef. When Rock came over the radio with a sighting of three dolphins we flew back inside the reef to find them. I was sure it would be JoJo, Raggedy Ann and her calf. Raggedy Ann is JoJo's favorite female dolphin. When we get there, they are traveling fast. The calf is rocketing around making various acrobat leaps out of the water. I get in and see  Raggedy Ann (RA). The calf not only looked like Whizzer but came back to circle me like Whizzer. I make a mental note. I won't know for sure until I see both females and their calves together, if this calf is one and the same.
JoJo comes over to our boat "Spy Hop" and positions himself right at the back where I get in the water. I think he's waiting for me. I get in and he does a brief hello then swims off slowly so I can keep up. He does a little crator fishing then is off to find RA and her calf. I get back on board and they have vanished as only dolphins can do! This video is of JoJo coming to say hi.

We decide to travel in the direction they are going and where we saw Bo and Whizzer yesterday. After  searching around for quite sometime, I see a dorsal. We are now at the other end of Grace Bay past Beaches where the water is really clear. This makes it good for filming. I slip in and find RA with Whizzer right below her. That is where calves stay when they are swimming with their moms. There is another dolphin who I think is Bo, the dolphin Whizzer was with yesterday. YES this is confusing! Perhaps Bo is the aunt and was taking Whizzer for the afternoon so RA could do some fishing. This is typical behavior for dolphins. Now I'm wondering if something happened to Bo's calf because she was pregnant when I left in June. Maybe the other dolphin isn't Bo and she's with her calf somewhere else. Welcome to the confusing world of dolphins! RA is always easy to tell because of her distinctive fluke. It is ragged on the left side.
The video thanks to the clear water came out great I hope you like it!
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  1. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing this video with all of us.