Thursday, November 19, 2015

JoJo's Mouth Must feel Better

Hi All,
Although JoJo is still opening his mouth more than usual, I'm quite sure he feels pretty good.
Our fabulous dolphin day started with JoJo swimming right toward our boat as we were approaching Ocean Club. He knows we are back in town and ready to take him wherever he wants! When he hears our boat motor, he comes swimming.
The first mission after flipping over, swimming under our boat and getting in the wake, was to go up to Parrot Cay. I got a good opportunity to check out his mouth and behavior when we stopped our progress along Parrot Cay because it got so shallow.
You will see he still he has his mouth open but there is no agitated behavior.
JoJo came back to the boat and was agreeable to our turning around and heading back past Pine Cay toward Grace Bay. He stayed with us until we were approaching Smith's Reef where he peeled off. This is where we found RA, Bo and Whizzer a few days ago. Pretty soon John spotted more dorsals and I got in. There I found JoJo following a substantial nurse shark!!! This is activity I've seen many times before. Dolphins like to harass nurse sharks. JoJo did not elect to goose the shark (sort of glad about that) but he did "get in his face" or butt in this case.

While JoJo and I were tailing the nurse shark, the others had moved off.  We found them and the fun began. Apparently RA is comfortable with JoJo and me baby sitting. The two ladies went off leaving Whizzer with us. After JoJo knew Whizzer and I were having fun, he too left. He was never far away because when my scooter ran out of charge, I used a friend's scooter which is very different from mine. JoJo instantly appeared. He looked it over, decided it was ok and left again.
In the rather long video of Whizzer (sorry cutting Whizzer is hard!), you will see a ray on the ocean floor. Notice Whizzer has slightly yellow lips like Lemon Lips had! Whenever you see bubbles coming out his blow hole he is whistling. You can hear it even with the music.
We stayed with the dolphins for over six fabulous hours. My scooter was out of charge; the camera was making all sorts of warning noises telling me either I flooded it or the battery was dead and John was fried to a crisp! Time to head in. 

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  1. How fortunate for all of us to view this rare footage that you so generously share with all of us. 16 years of forming this relationship has provided all of us with this gift. Thank you Jay for sharing what has now become another generation of JoJo!