Friday, November 20, 2015

Whizzer and Pod

Hi All,
We had such a great dolphin day I barely know where to start! I think I'll cut to the chase and tell you about swimming with the pod.
The video opens up with JoJo because he helps make all of this happen. You will see two dolphins swimming close the one closest is Bo she has a perfect fluke. The dolphin beside her is Raggedy Ann who has a ragged left side of her fluke. Whizzer is flying around going in-between all of us me included! JoJo as always takes a position slightly farther back. His rostrum is white on the end. Whizzer makes a lot of contact with Bo (nuzzles). I only wish he would suckle with RA or Bo so I could be SURE who is the Mom.  Whizzer seemed to get more rambunctious as we went. Apparently  he jumped clear over me! I'm hoping a boat near by got footage. You will notice toward the end of the video he comes right at me and BONK we collided head on! He went back to the others for a short time then came right back neither of us were any the worse for wear. At the very end as the others move off and I'm getting left behind JoJo comes by. JoJo likes me to be with the others and he likes to be behind me.  Making me part of the pod until I can't keep up.

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  1. What absolutely amazing footage. I've been watching it all over and over again. I think this was the day we left. What good fortune all of your viewers have because of you. Thank you as always for posting and sharing your rare experiences with all of us. Extraordinary! S'wonderful, Marvelous!