Wednesday, November 25, 2015

JoJo and Zyzz

Hi All,
The other day when we were out, we saw a boat with the pod of dolphins. That was the day I got the great footage of the whole family. The boat that was with them belongs to a family that owns a house along the marina where we keep Spy Hop. They were trying to swim with the dolphins but not getting very close. They had their dog Zyzz in the water and got some footage of JoJo swimming with him!
I offered to take Mark one of the sons and owner of Zyzz out on Spy Hop. I was hoping to get more footage of Zyzz and JoJo from in the water.
We went out yesterday but didn't find the dolphins. There was a huge and nasty front coming our way. We saw a black bank of clouds descending on us and beat hasty retreat to the marina. We arrived moments before the heavens opened. The ocean turned into a churning mess as it continued to pour all day and all night! I hope you enjoy their video of Zyzz and JoJo. BTW Zyzz is a long backed spaniel with a great personality. He was quivering with excitement the whole boat ride! I have promised both Mark and Zyzz that we will try again until we have a good JoJo swim. the first try didn't load correctly so this should work!

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