Sunday, February 4, 2018

JoJo, Julia and Nurse Shark

Hi All, I am back on Island this time without the flu. Everything seems much better without the flu! Our first mission is to find Opie who is our kitty friend. He comes running when we call his name, eats lots of tuna fish then plops down on his Chaise and ignores us!
I have invited David to come out with us. He lives on Provo and looks for JoJo whenever work permits. We pass by the osprey (she's waiting for her mate to bring breakfast). We travel past Beaches and head out past the reef to see if there are any whales. We drop the hydrophone and yes there certainly are! They however aren't in sight. I decide after traveling through some rough water that we should go back on the dolphin hunt. As we are heading past Coral House, I comment that even though the water is really murky, its pretty flat and we should be able to spot a dorsal, at which point JoJo appears, flips over and glides under Spy Hop. He wanted to go the other direction. So we turn around but he isn't interested in a ride which usually indicates there's another dolphin around. He is staying by the boat, so I get in and tell David this maybe a good time to swim with him. JoJo spends a long time looking into my face.
Perhaps he's noticing I have a different camera on but I think he's just glad to see me. Without boring you I'm really a having time of it with cameras, scooters and computers! BTW this camera didn't work at all! I wave David in and he gets a chance to swim with JoJo. Then JoJo and I head off. We are right together when he turns around to look at David how is free diving. After checking him out, we are off again. Eventually, we catch up to Julia who comes by for a quick greeting. She dives, comes back to me and blows a big bubble. JoJo and Julia swim off and I get in the boat. We follow them to Grace Point where I see JoJo heading to a buoy. This is my chance to play "bang the buoy" one of his favorite games. Unlike the other dolphins, he likes it when I play with his toys!
After playing with two buoys, JoJo moves on to find Julia. I am now totally aware that none of the what I thought was great video is coming out! David is getting a taste of how tricky all this filming is after dropping his Go Pro, realizing it's missing and frantically searching then luckily diving to retrieve it. We're back on the boat and the water is so clear I'm itching to get back in. Both dolphins come briefy to the boat. I get in and find both of them are harrassing a nurse shark! They chase it around goosing it with their rostrums. The nurse shark is swimming in circles hoping no doubt, that they'll leave him alone!
I try to get David to come in to see this but the game is over by the time he gets in. We get up on Spy Hop and JoJo takes a ride behind our boat for awhile then branches off.
Time to go back and get a good seat for the Super Bowl!

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