Monday, February 12, 2018


Hi All, It looks like the same sort of day we've had for a week sunny, winds building through out the day. We are decidedly late leaving the marina. The osprey are sitting together in their nest. They have clearly had their fish breakfast. There are no whales outside Leeward. Our hydrophone tells us they are far away. They probably know the tour boats all come out about this time with lots of loud tourists and they have moved on:)
We head out toward the resorts to look for dolphins. JoJo is hanging out, waiting no doubt for a ride. All his friends and family have gone. He is alone. Now he can take a ride in our wake. I sometimes think he's checking out his territory when he wants to go up and down the coast. Today is that day. We head a little past Beaches resort and he branches off. I figure while he's looking around he might like company so, I get into the crystal clear water. We look around, visit a tour boat or two then JoJo wants to get back behind our boat. This time he wants to go all the way past Pine Cay to the front of Dellis Cay. The wind has picked up and the waves are rolling in making it wet and bouncy. JoJo branches off perhaps to fish or just have some alone time! We leave him and head to a calm spot along Pine Cay's long beautiful beach to eat lunch. It seems like no matter what you bring for lunch it tastes great on the boat! John has eaten a PB and J everyday we have come out on this boat for the past 20 years and relishes every bite! With the wind up, the dolphins apparently not around, and rain heading our way, we decide to go back.

JoJo and Me from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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