Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Hi All, We have been hearing whales with our hydrophone for awhile but today, we finally saw four! We went through Sellers Cut and dropped the hydrophone in the water. We heard what sounded like quite a few whales and not too far away! There were the usual slightly eerie noises and some barks and grunts in the mix. We headed out past Northwest Point but didn't see any. After putting the hydrophone in again, we decided they were around but not as close as the first time we put it in. As we started for home, I saw what looked like white dive buoy, then a spout. The sun had hit the whale as it surfaced making it look like a buoy from afar. We motored up and two whales dove shortly after we got there. Then John saw a full breach in the distance! I caught the huge splash at the end. We motored over there and saw two more whales!
This is an exciting time of year to be on the water!

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