Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Snipper and I Play!

Hi All, Another copy of yesterday - sun and wind with rain in the afternoon. We pass through the channel and both osprey are sitting in their nest. They look quite content. They must have had a nice fish breakfast. We head out Leeward Channel and with our hydrophone hear whales way off in the distance. Back through the channel to look for dolphins. We do the loop then head to Pine Cay, still no dolphins. A needle fish is surprised by our boat and takes off on the surface bouncing from wave to wave going as fast as he can to get away from us. He looked like a mogul skier. We have company coming and are thinking we should head back. We thought one more pass from Leeward to at least Ocean Club. Just as we're about to head back, I see two familiar dorsals heading toward our boat! I get in with JoJo and Snipper. They are such good buddies. They pass under me playing flipper footsie and stroking each other. JoJo comes up beside me and I see an abrasion at the front of his dorsal. I wish he'd be more careful. I think he wants me to swim with Snipper so I cross over and Snipper seems just fine with my swimming beside him. Snipper starts to play with me. He dives then comes at me flips over and does it again. Snipper and I have gone a long way together. We continue to travel along and I think JoJo is behind us but I don't see him anywhere. I notice John isn't following along in Spy Hop, either. Maybe JoJo is with him. A boat comes by dragging some girls in a raft behind his motor boat. The girls just figure I'm out in the ocean swimming with my dolphin friend which is actually correct. She then asks if I'm riding the dolphin!! REALLY? John sees a boat coming toward me and catches up. He tells me JoJo was with him. He didn't want a ride but did want to sleep. He caught a quick nap before John had to move off to protect me from the boats. The water was so murky and I was having a hard time following Snipper. He even had to circle back to get me one time! Its so hard to see that I decide to get out. Both John and I start looking for JoJo. Between the abrasion and his being tired we are concerned. Moments later JoJo comes along, Snipper swims right to him and they head towards Leeward together. All is well. Now we can go meet our company!

JoJo and Snipper 1 from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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