Sunday, August 1, 2021

It's a Wrap

Hi All, It's been a whirlwind 5 days but, we had a great last day with JoJo joining Bo and Scooter. The Discovery Channel under water camera man got lots of great video of the three of them and me. Our day starts with finding JoJo and taking him up and down the coast until he branchs off at Pine Cay. Matt the camera man and I get in and JoJo spends a long time checking out the camera. He's particularily interested in the bubbles from Matt's tank. JoJo moves off to check the area or do some fishing. I am so hoping that JoJo is waiting for others because he stays in this area for a long time. We get to sit and watch the laughing gulls as they circle us and occasionally come for closer inspection. I assume people are feeding them off their boats because the gulls get so close. It appears JoJo has moved off so we head back toward Grace Bay hoping to run into JoJo or Bo and Scooter. The Discovery boat has gone ahead and they radio that they have found Bo and Scooter. We rush off to find meet. The dolphins are lazily coming our way. I get in and have a great time with both. Scooter is so playful swimming in circles around me. A ton of boats show up to watch. Scooter puts on a nice show spy hoping, swimming upside down and cavorting about.
They move off a little leaving the boats behind and I follow. JoJo shows up and we swim together following Bo and Scooter. If they had scripted an ending it couldn't have been better than that!
I had a first, where Scooter came up and nudged me! I never touch the dolphins ever, but if they want to touch me that's different. I hope Matt the camera man got it on film. She was very deliberate the way she came over and nudged me with her rostrum. She was so close that my camera didn't really get it. My camera is on the left side of my head and she was on the right side when she touched me, making it impossible to see. I really hope people don't start touching her. I know with JoJo that ended badly when an ignorant, probably drunk tourist tried to stick a beer bottle down is blow hole. From then on he didn't want people to touch him. He would either slap them with his tail or bite them if they tried. Unfortunatley, today we heard one boat captain encouraging his people to touch her. I wish people respected the dolphins. We are so fortunate that they let us into their lives. The least we can do is show some respect for them.

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