Saturday, December 29, 2012

Amazing Dolphin Day

Hi All,
Toward the end of the day John and I decide to go outside the reef toward the end of Pine Cay where in the past there have been dolphin meetings. As we get there, we see a few boats gathered in front of Fort George Cay. We quickly cross through the cut and speed toward them. The boat Captain  is waving at us as they all know about me and JoJo. There are 6 dolphins and JoJo is one of them. I get in and JoJo is very excited to be with a large dolphin they are rolling into each other in a very friendly way. Dolphins are very "touch-feely". Some white remnants and a whole fish comes shooting past me!! I'm not sure whether they were playing with it or one of them regurgitated it!! Or maybe they were sharing!!!The water is very, very murky. If I get so much as three feet away, I can't see them. JoJo comes by and looks right at me. He's very easy to recognize because of his flipper that has a snip off the end. A calf comes rocketing back to check me out and makes a signature whistle. I can't seem to figure out who's who except for JoJo. I'm looking thru the murk to see if there's a ragged dorsal or a dorsal with a tab but all are perfect. JoJo swims off a little way and I get back in the boat. They all come up to the boat and sort of arch their backs and look up into the boat. They seem to want me to join them!!!! I get back in and am right behind all six. Then JoJo swims right in front of me then swims off. I think I'm suppose to follow him. I should have realized he wanted me to stay with the other dolphins.  I lose the pod again and get back in the boat only to have them come up and look at me again! We start the whole thing all over and there I am with six dolphins all around me. As they move off, I decide to stay with the mom and calf. As the calf comes by, I see a nick on his melon and realize it's Lemon Lips. No wonder they are so friendly now I get why JoJo wanted me to stay with them. They let me swim right beside them (what an honor!!) Lemon Lips is rubbing against his Mom, swimming upside down, circling me and just having a great time! At one point, he seemed to be nibbling her pec.
I got behind for awhile and climbed in the boat. Another boat pulled up dragging with a tub with a tourist. I thought that would be the end of my fun. However all the dolphins seemed to be hanging around, so I got in again. I went to Lemon Lips and Bo, who once again they swam slowly making circles so I could keep up.
John who was observing from the boat could see me in the middle of all six dolphins with them cavorting around. When JoJo had left me with Bo and Lemon Lips there were times when I got behind them and John could see Lemon Lips circling back to see if I was coming. He also saw Lemon Lips  porpoise fall over backwards then swim off upside down!!
Earlier that day I had said to John I was ready to go home and go back to work!! Boy did that change!!!  Without getting to emotional about this, its hard to describe how incredible it is to have a pod of dolphins looking up at you wanting you to join them.
I think the other mom and calf was Shortie and Peanut and maybe the other big dolphin was Piney now fattened up. If that's the case, it seems once again the shy ones are ok if they are with a bigger pod or maybe Bo.

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