Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Xmas from JoJo

Hi All,
I got my Xmas present! We found Shortie and Peanut ( Shortie's calf) out by Coral House and followed them as they meandered along up the coast toward Pine Cay. We lost them at the reef just before Half Moon beach. We decided to bring our friends further up the coast to see the rest of Pine Cay. We were going along and JoJo popped up right in front of Catch Ride and rolled on his back as we passed over him! That woke everyone up!! I believe he does this to protect his dorsal. We figure he wants a ride to Shortie and Peanut. So we turn around and find him a little way off waiting for us. Sure enough he gets in out wake and catches a ride for a little way then branches off. We find him again and he comes to the back of the boat. I decide this might be a good time for a swim. I was right. As soon as I hit the water he starts to follow me and I head toward where we lost sight of Shortie and Peanut. The water is very murky and at times he dives down and I'm not sure he's still with me. But when I circle, he comes right up. I know I don't have too long because as soon as we get to the others he will go to them. Puff, gone!! I climb in Catch Ride and we see all three of them out by the Reef. I think he swam with me to let me know all's well with us, even though the others aren't ready for my company. I'm of course hoping they will  eventually be like the other moms and calves and let me swim with them. We follow them all the way to the end of Pine Cay hoping that maybe there will be a meeting with other dolphins but we don't see any. 

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