Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pod of six again!!

Hi All,
We are down to our last day in T&C on this trip. As we are looking around for dorsals in the am, we see a boat stopped in an unusual place just down from Coral House. We motor up to find our friend John and his family watching a pod of six dolphins!!!! I see JoJo is one of them and figure it's the same pod from yesterday. I get in and JoJo comes right over.  Again, it's murky and hard to distinguish who's who. A calf is very friendly circling all around me. I notice eventually that there is a mom with a ragged dorsal and realize it's Raggedy Ann and B.B. Tip maybe the other pair is Shortie and Peanut. Apparently Lemon Lips and his mom have swapped out with Raggedy Ann and B.B.Tip. There is another big dolphin that keeps coming by and he (I think) has a slanting dorsal. He is very interested in looking at me. Sometimes he comes so close that JoJo comes by to check on things. I'm not sure which one of us he's checking on!! John remembers his dorsal from yesterday but today he's much more interactive. I feel they are all greeting me sort of like when they all come together at a meeting place.
They start to move off toward Pine Cay. I get to swim with them for a long time right in the middle of the pod with JoJo and Slantie staying a little behind me. Every now and then Slantie comes over to look at me and I circle which of course puts me behind every one and I have to find them again. As we go past the cut at Leeward I get a little footage but it was murky I was hoping Slantie would come up close but he didn't. As I'm looking at Slantie, I see a stream of blackish liquid coming off the right end of his fluke?? I have never seen that before and will check around to find out what was happening.They start to speed up and I have to get back in the boat.
 Eventually the tour boats start to see us and of course this creates a dolphin traffic jam. At times there are as many as six boats all around. This makes them dive deep. When they want to be with us they stay right along the top looking up occasionally to see if we are there and who's in the boat. They eventually move almost to the end of Pine Cay. They are right in front of the Meridian Club the one resort on Pine Cay. The calves are playing and we see lots of tail slapping and spy hopping when their heads come out of the water almost to their fins. One calf fell over backwards with his fins stretched out and lay there resting. It appeared there were dolphins on either side to support his fins. We found them at 10:30 AM and it is now 3 PM so I get in for one last swim and JoJo comes up. We follow the pod for awhile then my scooter runs out of battery. Time to go and bring our boat back to the marina where it stays until our next trip to the island.
 I will try to get the footage on website when I get home (don't know how to do it from here!!!)

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