Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Xmas to all!
Yesterday we were flagged down by a tour boat. It was a very windy wavy day. The captain was waving at us so we went over and there we saw two dorsals. The dolphins were fishing so I hopped in right above them. There was Shortie and calf (I think)! Shortie was crater fishing. JoJo immediately appeared. That was really as close as I got to Shortie and her calf. Perhaps is wasn't quite time for JoJo to make his introduction? It's all on their terms. I hope I get to swim with them again and find some distinguishing marks. We tagged along for two hours. I would really like to know where they want to go with hopes of finding them again. Some really dark rain clouds were heading our way to say nothing of the rather large seas that we needed to battle on the way back. So we left them out by the reef in front of Beaches resort.

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