Sunday, December 16, 2012

JoJo's Taxi Service

Hi All,
After battling some huge waves at shore to get out to our boat, we begin the search. We try going way  past Turtle Cove. It's beautiful but no dolphins. We have a great snorkel in crystal clear water seeing lots of reef fish and a very large nurse shark. No comparison of course to Smith Reef where we saw Horse Eyed Jacks, two Eagle rays and five turtles yesterday. After eating way too much at Tiki Hut we make our way back toward Ocean Club. I'm mentioning to John how a nap might be good this afternoon when a yellow snorkel boat comes by and one of the operators stands on the roof. I am thinking he is looking at the huge dark clouds that are coming our way. Then he signals us and points in the water. We come closer and he says he's seen a dolphin. Everyone on both boats start staring into the water to see if we can spot a dorsal but there doesn't seem to be any dolphins around. They give up and head towards Leeward while we we start back toward Grace Point hoping to find a dolphin. As we get to Grace Point, John sees a dorsal and we motor up to it. It's JoJo and he seems busy on some sort of mission. He only hangs with me when he is looking at one of the buoys. He's hanging vertically beside me and I'm moving the buoy by kicking it with my flipper. He's watching and clicking. My scooter starts making an alarm noise. I have to go back to the boat this is bad news! I have another scooter for emergencies and if I wear out the newer one. Once I go to the boat JoJo moves off.  I can tell by the way he dives and moves that he's fishing. He's all over the place swimming way too fast for me to keep up. We try to keep track of him from Catch Ride our boat. He starts heading out where the breakers are rolling in by the reef. Now he's in between the big reef and one that's inside. The waves are huge and black clouds are now right over us! It starts pouring and JoJo is heading behind our boat. This is his signal that he's looking to catch a ride. John expertly navigates thru the breakers while I watch to see if JoJo is staying behind us. We bring him to Leeward Cut where he branches off and slows down. After watching for awhile I decide he's just hanging and may want some company. I get to swim with him for a half hour or so. He's swinging his head using his sonar the whole time. I think he's hoping the moms and calves are around. He spots a long weed covered object at the bottom. He wants me to see it. I dive down and there's a long pipe made out of PVC with sea weed growing all over it, one end of it floating a little off the bottom. I'm thinking if I dive down again I could move it probably not bring it up as it's too long. By the time I dive down again JoJo has moved off. A boat comes racing by and JoJo heads a little in it's direction. That's my cue that he's ready to go somewhere. I get back in Catch Ride and JoJo comes for another ride, this time all the way to the end of Pine Cay.  He branches off and we watch as he heads toward Parrot Cay. The same yellow boat comes by returning from some activity on Fort George. They all start cheering and hooping when they see JoJo. I think there was a little more than Gatorade being served on the boat!! JoJo keeps heading toward Parrot Cay and they over take him. He gets in their wake and makes some spectacular leaps much to the thrill of all the inebriated passengers. Even though he ditched us for a better wake and livelier audience, I'm so happy that people get so excited to see him. We head for home as the sun is setting. We get to the Club and we have more waves to contend with. Actually that part didn't go so well! After tying up to the buoy, I swim toward shore catching a wave. As I get close  to shore  thinking I was finally home safe,  I glance back to see a big wave bearing down on me. WIPE OUT!! At least when I hit the bottom it wasn't as far as  falling from a horse!


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