Sunday, December 23, 2012

Getting Acquainted

I wish I could say the water still looked like this! However a front has moved in! We are now stuck on land waiting (not patiently) for it to move on.
The good news is that two days ago after looking all over for JoJo, we decide to go to Tiki Hut Hut for lunch and as we are almost at Smith Reef which is at the opening of Turtle Cove, I see a dark long shape in the water. We motor up and find two dolphins one of which is a calf. I get in wondering if I know them. I don't. The mom is quite small so I'll name her Shortie. The calf, as usual is perfect so it would be hard to identify again. They let me swim quite close behind them as they make their way toward Smith Reef. The calf swims most of the way upside down! After I fall back and return to the boat.  John starts to bring me to them and I notice the calf and mom are swimming apart, excellent time to get in. The calf comes right at me from the bottom going full blast then swims under me and keeps going. The encounter was short but I feel lucky to have it especially without JoJo's help.

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