Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lemon Lips and Bo

Hi All,
Our day started out pretty well seeing the hugest turtle I've ever seen while we were snorkeling out past the reef. I was swimming out to meet John and saw this huge shape coming my way. I was wondering what it was until it got close enough to clearly see. The turtle was coming right along the surface toward me. He wasn't one bit shy like most turtles. Of course when you are that big I guess you don't need to be intimidated! It was crystal clear so I could really get a good look as he passed right by me! He  had some damage to one back leg and kept it up in his shell as he swam along. He looked right at me and just kept following his course. He looked old and very wise!
If that wasn't good enough, later that day John and I were sitting on Catch Ride munching some sandwiches when the Reef Peepers snorkel boat came by. We did our usual signaling raising our arms to indicate we didn't know where JoJo was. Moments later  our radio crackles and Reef Peepers comes across "He's here". We are off like a shot and see a dorsal heading our way. I get in and Lemon Lips comes right up to me!  Bo is at the bottom catching a fish. Lemon lips goes down to catch his own. He's circling around and around following a Bar Jack. He isn't nearly as fast as his mom and doesn't get the fish. They travel off to do more fishing. I get back in Catch Ride so we can catch up as they are scooting around all over. Lemon Lips comes by the boat a few times to check on us but doesn't hang around long enough for me to swim with him. Eventually they come together and slow down and I get to swim with them. Short lived but I'm grateful to get the chance before they are back fishing and continuing with their busy lives. So where's JoJo?? I'm hoping he's with a mom and new born.

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