Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Very Itchy JoJo

Hi All,
The weather's improving and so is the water. Almost back to beautiful, turquoise, flat seas. We are out near Leeward when we see JoJo. We see if he wants to go toward Pine Cay then down Grace Bay but he doesn't want to stay in our wake either direction. He wants to go across the reef!! I have rarely seen him do that in the past few years. One of the boat captains calls us over. JoJo is on their anchor line out past the reef! He is going up and down scratching as my daughter Kristen and I swim over. I hear him whistle as we come up. I wonder if he is a shocked as we are to see each other across the reef!! He takes a side trip with Kristen and I then takes a look at the prop of the tour boat. I think that means he wants to go. We lose sight of him as he moves off.
Hmm, as we are motoring along we get another call this time from Jeremie on the Club Med snorkel boat. He's now itching on their anchor line. His wounds look they are continuing to heal. I think all the scratching means his wounds are healing and just like us they itch.
JoJo follows the snorkel boat back to Club Med then gets in our wake to Pine Cay. He branches off from our wake but once we stop he comes back to Spy Hop. I think he's now swum with Kristen enough that she can swim with him alone. She gets in and he comes right up to her and stays right beside her for a short distance before he goes off on some dolphin business. She's elated of course!

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