Saturday, February 21, 2015

One Month Following Nasty Gash

Hi All,
It seems the weather is nasty everywhere this winter. Turks is usually beautiful in February. However we are getting front after front of wind and rain. I'm hoping today is the last of the latest front. Since we can't get out on our boat, it's giving me some time to catch up on video.
The day the front arrived amazingly enough, the weatherman had it right and just at 12 noon the winds picked up and the waves started building. We had JoJo with us all that morning. He wanted to tour the whole length of Provo and Pine Cay then back. Luckily, we were right at Leeward Cut as the winds picked up and we left him in the giant waves to return to our marina. He handles the waves a lot better than we do!
The video I'm posting shows his cuts exactly one month from the day he got them. The healing process is amazing. No stitches, no medication just salt water flowing over them which kept them clean and infection free. The video was taken on Feb 15th. The last front was almost done but there were still big waves as you will see at the end.
I hope tomorrow to get out and find my dolphin friends!

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