Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Great Day With JoJo

HI All,
The water is perfect the sky is clear all is good with the world! Once again we find JoJo outside the reef but poof he's gone! Andy, the captain of Blue Sands calls over the radio to see if we know where he is. We tell him he was outside the reef. Andy motors out and JoJo goes to his boat! He brings him back inside the reef and a very large dolphin traffic jam ensues! Eventually I maneuver Spy Hop in position and JoJo gets in our wake as I speed off:) John is in the condo on a conference call (work gets in the way). My plan is to pick up John at Ocean Club (OC) when his call is done. Luckily JoJo was cool heading that way.
We see John waving from the water, swing by and he climbs on. Now we have another predicament. Kristen has a plane to catch and needs to be ready to leave by one. JoJo is now following our boat toward Turtle Cove which is a pretty long way from OC. We are hoping he'll follow us if we turn back because time is tight. JoJo who usually has his own agenda follows us as we turn back! We head right to Ocean Club stop and Kristen drops in the water. JoJo has gone ahead. But he stops, turns and  then goes over to her. What a great send off!!! He then leads her back to the boat! Now she's torn, but has to leave. As she turns towards shore, I get in and start swimming with JoJo. He heads out toward the reef which is really far away. I see a tour boat and dive down hoping they won't see us. It works! We are now way out from shore and John is pulling up the anchor which he dropped hoping to keep JoJo around the boat. JoJo and I spot 4 Hobie cats sailing our way. They were pretty surprised to see JoJo and I swimming along all by ourselves half way to the reef!! They kept swinging back as if to see if they really were seeing a girl and dolphin swimming side by side way out from shore.
As JoJo and I are diving, I see many Sea Biscuits lying on the bottom. They look like big coconuts with the markings of sand dollars. If only I could figure out how to find them again.
John eventually gets the anchor up (it was tangled in an abandoned mooring and rope) and is following along pretty far behind. JoJo and I are almost at the reef and he decides he's gone far enough and starts back to Spy Hop.  John again drops anchor with the hope that our guests can climb in the water to watch the famous JoJo. JoJo stays around long enough for a photo shoot, then heads off toward Turtle Cove. I climb back in Spy Hop and as we pass JoJo he slips into our wake and off we go. We not only go to Turtle Cove but to the end Northwest Point at the end of the island!  JoJo then branches off, checks the area  and waits to turn around. Off we go again to the other end of the island and on to Pine Cay.  He branches off again, this time for some fishing. It is now quite late and we must leave. We get a lovely sunset cruise on the way back to the marina. What a great day, with an amazing dolphin for all of us.

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