Monday, February 16, 2015

JoJo Is Very Interactive

Hi All,
The first day after the front came through, I found JoJo not to be very interactive. Perhaps he wanted to visit other boats after there weren't many around due to the water condition. My feeling is he was not happy that we hadn't been out there catering to his travel needs! In any case he made up for it in spades, yesterday. After we found him down by Beaches, he took a ride to the end of Pine Cay. After watching him swim all around the edge of the reef, he came around our boat. That would be the time to get in. He wanted me to lead the way and we swam for a very long time in the direction of Grace Bay. It was so nice not to have one tour boat come by and interrupt our swim. I found he liked it if I went as fast as I could, which still isn't very fast. Eventually he picked up speed and passed me. That's the signal that he wants to get to Grace Bay faster than I can swim. I returned to the boat and JoJo came to the back.
After taking a ride past Grace Point, he let me swim with him all along the reef. This time I asked my daughter if she'd like to join us. (There was no hesitation there!!) He didn't interact with Kristen who stayed behind me. We were out by some pretty big rollers but I knew he wouldn't take us into them. Once he sped up again, we climbed in the boat and drove past him so he could hitch a ride this time back to Pine Cay. I got in and again had a really long swim with JoJo doing some graceful rolling in the sand which is on the first video. Notice all three gashes look very healthy as well as the one under his fluke.
John was following in Spy Hop and JoJo turned back toward the boat. This was Kristen's moment to get in. This time, JoJo took a great interest in Kristen as you can see in the video. She has swum with him before  but only comes for a week each winter and needs to renew their acquaintance.
When we got out Kristen was elated, there is definitely something that happens to you when you swim with a wild dolphin.

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