Saturday, February 14, 2015

South Side Dolphins

Hi All,
It's been very frustrating for the last few days. The wind has died down but there is a system up north creating some monster waves. We have not been able to go on the North side where JoJo usually is. We try again to negotiate the monster waves but decide heading to the South side would be safer.
The change is amazing. The water is as flat as it can be. If one little bug lands on it he creates a ripple. We decide French Cay is the place to go. French Cay is a very small island that has been designated a bird sanctuary. It is clear across the South Bank. On the other side of the island you are outside of the bank and into the deep blue water. There is the possibility of seeing whales.
Now this is the first day my daughter Kristen, has come out and she has always brought us good luck.
As we are traveling past the end of Provo and heading farther out into this beautiful flat sea, I see a dorsal. Then we all see about six dorsals. They are all over cavorting around. I get in and after some hesitation they start to circle me. The water even though flat isn't crystal clear but I got some footage. Kristen climbs in and also gets to meet the most friendly four. After a minor scooter incident, requiring extrication from the motor we get back on course to French Cay.  Safety Tip, don't wear loose clothing while operating a water scooter!! No bikini straps fluttering in the water, they will end up eaten by the scooter!!
We are now out of sight of land hoping our GPS won't fail us.  We start seeing birds circling over head as we spot the small island. Over the island are hundreds of birds circling. We decide to head out past the island and past the wall where it drops off thousands of feet. We motor way out and have our lunch while looking for whales. Kristen spots a blow and we're off! We follow along as two humpbacks make their way leisurely past the island. The we off in the distance we see dorsals and think dolphins. They are frisking about and we see more tails and cetacean cavorting. As we motor over, they all disappear; most un-dolphin like. We go back to the whales then see the dolphins again and they disappear again! We now think they are some sort of small whale perhaps Pilot whales because they are so shy when we get close. I will try to figure that out when I get to shore. Big Blue is a never ending source of info and I will call Phillipe to find out!
Upon arriving home, I go to call Phillipe and see there are lots of messages. I start returning calls to hear there was a calf swimming alone along the swim line in front of flipper ladies' condo. Everyone thought it was in some sort of distress. I'm thinking oh no not again. As soon as I leave Grace Bay something goes wrong! By the time I reached Sheila the mother dolphin had come back to the calf  and they felt all was well. The waves were so big no one could swim out to check on the calf but apparently he was ok. We will go on Grace Bay tomorrow and maybe we will find the mom and calf and of course JoJo!

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  1. Appears the calves are frolicking everywhere. Beautiful to view!