Thursday, February 19, 2015

Could Raggedy Ann be Pregnant??

Hi All,
The water on the North side has finally calmed down enough to get out front. Today should be a good day for either whale sightings or dolphin sightings. We start motoring up and down Grace Bay with occasional forays through the cuts in the reef to check for spouts. We aren't seeing anything but really enjoying the perfect water which we know won't last due to a nasty front heading our way on Thursday. Just as we decide to go for a snorkel at Smith's Reef, I see two dorsals. My daughter Kristen is hoping it's JoJo so she can have another amazing swim with him. I get in and Bo and Raggedy Ann (RA) come by. Hmmm Raggedy Ann is looking quite wide. Could it be she is pregnant? Is that why Bo is at her side - to help out?? Actually Bo, who is a little smaller than RA looks a bit wider than usual as well. They both had calves at the same time before and maybe this could happen again. I hope so!!  I follow them through a reef. Just like JoJo there's lots of rolling in the finger coral. Bo comes back to look at me and does some fancy acrobatics under me before swimming off to catch up to RA.
We follow them along Grace Bay and past Leeward. By now, the tour boats are on to us and they are stopping to look at the dolphins. I'm lucky I got to swim with them before anyone saw us. The ladies seem to like going to the boats just like JoJo.
The weather's going to turn bad tomorrow and we are hoping to go out early before it hits!!

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