Thursday, February 5, 2015

What A Welcome!!!!

Hi All,
 We sat in the plane waiting to be de-iced as the minutes ticked by. We are now one hour late getting off the ground, soon our next flight will be loading and we are still on the runway in Boston (the wrong runway!) John calls his travel agent who is amazing. By the time we get to NY, our missed plane is on it's way to Turks and we are re-booked on another airline. Valerie from Wayland Travel in MA has saved the day again. Had she not helped, we'd be spending the pm in NY. Who says travel agents are dinosaurs!!!
As we head out of Leeward, I have visions of healthy JoJo, breaching whales and Tropic Birds whirling around my head. Some friends from home are with us. I give them the "you might not see anything talk" as they slather sun tan lotion on their ever so white bodies. They say brilliant sun, twinkling water, 82 degrees how can they go wrong!
JoJo appears in minutes. He swims to our boat, I get in to access his gash and am happy to see it is clean all the fibrin connective tissue (white stuff). His pecs however, have fresh scrapes. I  have no any idea how that could have happened. Getting old isn't easy for any of us!
JoJo visits a few boats then wants to travel past Turtle Cove then back to Pine Cay. As always we, oblige. He branches as we get part way down Pine Cay. As I'm getting in the water John sees another dorsal.  I get into to have Lemon Lips give me the best greeting! He looks at me swims around me then rubs up to JoJo. They are so happy to see each other. There is a lot of activity, I see JoJo stroking Lemon Lips on his melon as Lemon Lips swims along behind him. Suddenly there are more dolphins - not one, but two arrive. I see White Tip. They are all so rambunctious. The water is murky making filming hard. I get in the boat and watch great dolphin play. The fourth dolphin has a distinctive dorsal.  It has a notch out of it like JoJo's but way bigger. I'm going to call this dolphin Jagger. I think I've seen the dorsal before and will now recognize it when I see it again. It seems JoJo and White Tip are pairing up and Lemon Lips and Jagger are doing most of the acrobatics - leaping, swimming upside down, diving and circling. The action is fast and furious!!
We were with JoJo from 8 AM to 2:30 PM. We leave to let JoJo enjoy his friends. Now I feel JoJo is really back to normal. He's with his friends. I don't know what's up with his pecs but he seems perfectly able to behave normally. I hope you enjoy the footage you can really see the difference in the water from video to video.

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  1. Wow so wonderful to see him with his friends, not simply reading about them through your books. Great fun to watch. A happy segment. His wound still appears open and he's swimming slow, but maybe that's because he wanted you with him? So peaceful! thanks for posting