Thursday, February 26, 2015

Don't Touch The Dolphin

Hi All,
I have been swimming with JoJo for 15 years. People always ask me if I feed him or touch him. I don't do either we are just good friends, and he trusts me.
Apparently yesterday another snorkeler touched JoJo and he bit him. Now, what part of "don't
touch the dolphin" did he not get?? It is never wise to touch a wild animal.
Because JoJo's wounds are still healing healing, he is very itchy. That is making him want to go to the snorkel boats to scratch on their anchor lines. As he's swimming around between runs up and down the line, he cruises by swimmers. The boat captains all tell their people not to touch him. Some people however apparently just can't resist.
When his gashes were new and he was hanging around the swim lines, he must have felt a sense of security as he was resting. A person swam out feeling JoJo was there because being friendly and touched him. That time he slapped them with his tail.
Please heed the warning Don't Touch JoJo!!!! In his way, he is a very friendly and special dolphin but if he opens his mouth he's warning you to stay back. He will swim near if you are lucky. But he doesn't want you to touch him!

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  1. it's thought-provoking isn't it? I haven't known of any species, wild, domesticated or human who would not flinch when a big hand is approached towards the face, eyes nose. One should try it. Put your hand towards a face, your face, your friends face and observe what happens.....JoJo is still healing, Listen to Jay...and the boat captains if you are lucky to have an encounter.