Friday, February 24, 2017

Big Dolphin Meeting

Hi All, Weather forecast is awful! Lots of wind, potential rain. At least the kite boarders are happy! As we pull out of Leeward the water looks better than predicted and no black clouds looming. After a pass by the resorts we see a few boats stopped as we go past Coral House. A yellow boat comes by and points toward Leeward. The stopped boats must be with someone. As we approach, JoJo swims over. He wants to go toward Pine Cay so, we oblige. As we pass by Leeward Channel, I see dorsals on the other side of the channel. I know JoJo will branch to join them. I get ready to slip in. Suddenly there seems to be a LOT dorsals! I get in the water and it's so murky I can't see a thing. I'm in front of Little Water Cay where boats fly around the corner coming in and out of Leeward Channel. I hope they can see me! Even with John guarding me, I know I need to pay attention to traffic. The dolphins are whistling loudly. I can make out JoJo, Bo and Whizzer but there's another maybe, Lemon Lips. If they weren't moving so quickly or if the visibility wasn't so bad I could tell! Whizzer and Bo are coming around. Whizzer plays with me. I see a dolphin porpoising toward us at high speed. Yikes, he didn't see me until the last second! Near collision with fast moving torpedo of muscle! I had motioned Kristen to get in but now I'm wondering if it's a good idea! Because the visibility issue, I have to look above the water to see where all the activity is. I assume all the excitement is sexually driven. I have now counted five dolphins, four I know for sure. They are circling, porpoising, tail slapping and rearing up out of the water. It's so confusing sometimes with a mass of 3, 4 or 5 dolphins in a whizzing ball of dolphins! A few boats go ripping by and somehow they don't notice this amazing dolphin show! Bo and Whizzer come up to me. I see a dorsal approaching. Now these three are together and quietly swimming along. This dolphin has a fluke I think I've seen before with Lemon Lips. He or she comes up to look at me. Soon another dolphin arrives. It's Lemon Lips. I think JoJo has left the meeting. I wish I knew exactly what was going on! After frantic intense activity, the dolphins separate and swim very calmly. The visibility is so bad I lose track of them. With storm clouds now approaching and no dolphins in sight we decide to head in.

Big Dolphin Meeting from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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