Thursday, February 16, 2017

Whizzer is in Sleep Mode

Hi All, The weather is going to be tricky today. The fairly high wind is supposed to travel around from the South to the West. I haven't seen JoJo, Bo or Whizzer for a few days. The wind won't help me find them or stay with them. We make our pass in front of the resorts then travel up to Pine Cay. I haven't seen them there for few days and think they maybe there. We still can't find them and the wind is picking up. A yellow boat comes by and starts pointing back toward Leeward. We're off! Bouncing wildly over the ever growing waves. We know they saw a dolphin but we don't know where or how many. I'm hoping we don't fly (bounce) right by them! A boat has stopped along the shore. We pull up and they point toward the reef. More bouncing from wave to wave and it pays off. There we see three dolphins. I get in Whizzer is in travel position under Bo and JoJo is off to the side. I notice JoJo has some new marks at the end of his peduncle right before his fluke. It looks like three stripes. None of them broke the skin. After checking on JoJo's condition, I take position beside Bo and Whizzer. Whizzer is in sleep mode. His eyes are partially shut. Every now and then he must have a good dream, because he becomes aroused! I notice a few boats are coming by to watch as we all travel along. They are very respectful and don't disrupt our progress. I know JoJo is around but can't always see him. He'll suddenly appear and check on us. I expect he's going up to the boats as they come by! Tomorrow the wind is supposed to die down come around from the East.

Bo Whizzer and JoJo. from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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