Saturday, February 11, 2017

Whizzer and Bo

Hi All, The wind has kicked up as predicted. We decide to take a pass by the resorts in case any of the dolphins are there. The waves are getting bigger and bigger as the wind picks up. On our return trip from Beaches, Whizzer comes rocketing up to our boat. Apparently they all know the new motor! I can't wait to slip in despite the rough seas. He circles around gleefully in greeting. There are people watching from shore as he cavorts around porpoising and spy hoping. Now he's diving deep and playing around in the sand. He's chasing a little fish. Now he's digging around with his rostrum and seems to have gotten a piece of coral stuck in his mouth! Bo comes up as if to check on the situation. Whizzer is shaking his head trying to dislodge it. He sticks his rostrum back in the sand and that seems to do the trick. He sees some seaweed floating on the bottom. He starts swimming through it trying to adorn his body. The dolphins move farther down the coast and the water gets too murky for me to see them. I get back in Spy Hop and watch as Whizzer checks out a kayak (who is totally oblivious to his visitor) then he's off to check out a Hobie Cat. He periodically comes to check on us. I'm so glad to see Whizzer in his usual wild man state.

Whizzer Plays from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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