Monday, February 20, 2017

JoJo Is The Best Dad

Hi All, The wind is down and coming from the East! The osprey are eating breakfast as we leave the marina. It has to be a great day! We get the dolphin sign from a yellow boat that there is a dolphin at Grace Point. We find JoJo coming toward us before we get there. He happily takes a ride to Pine Cay. After branching off near a huge yacht we stop and swim with him a little. He wants to check out the yacht and Kristen and I join him. But as he goes under the yacht, we loose sight of him. Back to Spy Hop. We find him again and throw anchor hoping to entice him for some more swims. He is casually circling our boat when a tour boat pulls up. I try to swim over to get him to visit them. They have tourists that wants desperately to swim with JoJo. As soon as she gets in the water JoJo head straight back to Spy Hop and goes to the other side! He wanted no part of swimming with her! I figure he has another agenda this morning so we get back in Spy Hop, JoJo gets in the wake and we're off toward Leeward and beyond. I have been hoping all winter that my daughter might get the chance to swim with Whizzer and Bo. In the past it has worked if JoJo is there and she stays with him while I go to the others. She hasn't met Whizzer but the ground work is laid. JoJo really stayed with her for a long time yesterday so I know he'll help if we find them. JoJo branches at Grace Point. We see other dorsals!! Here's our chance. I get in and see Bo in the reef. Whizzer comes right to me. I'm hoping Kristen has spotted JoJo and is getting in. Soon JoJo enters the scene and I see Kristen off to his side. The dolphins go about their progress as usual. Whizzer and JoJo are spending some quality time together. JoJo is so great with what must be his kid! You never read about male dolphins playing with calves or baby sitting calves! JoJo really is a great loving dolphin! There is a lot of flipper footsie and stroking. Whizzer is in his face and everywhere around him. JoJo is clearly enjoying it. Every now and again JoJo goes to check on Kristen while Whizzer, Bo and I get together. Whizzer takes the opportunity to nurse on his visits with Bo. Along the way we encounter tour boats, paddle boards and Hobie Cats the dolphins take notice but nothing stops them for this great family outing!

JoJo the famous dolphin in the Turks and Caicos is the BEST Dad to his Calf Whizzer! from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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